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How to avoid knee pain whilst cycling

Living in London we are privy to some of the best cycling routes so it is no surprise to see our local roads and pathways busy with bikes. But despite it being a low impact form of exercise, the repetitive nature of cycling can cause problems. Knee pain  can be common...

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Meet the Physiotherapist – Finn Maloney

I became a physiotherapist because Having been an avid sportsman from a young age I experienced a few injuries which required me to see a physiotherapist. Unfortunately as the injuries kept coming, it became apparent that I needed to consider other career options and...

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Meet the physiotherapist – Alessio Gessa

I became a physiotherapist because... Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a sporty boy, which led me to get in contact with many different physiotherapists along my career. I’ve always enjoyed being a patient and my passion grew more and more to the point that...

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Back Pain – what is the best approach?

To find yourself unexpectedly suffering with back pain, the most common reaction is to not know what to do. Are you meant to keep moving? Or should you just lie down and stay still? Do you need to ice pack, or is it a hot water bottle? Paracetamol, ibuprofen or deep...

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Play golf? How to avoid injury & score a birdie

Injuries from golf can happen to complete amateurs or to professional golfers. Being a golfer myself the most amount of warm up I used to do was eating a nice hot bacon roll before my round, I’m sorry to tell you this is not enough. Some light stretching and practice...

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Is chiropractic care suitable for the elderly?

One of the main questions that I get asked by patients is if chiropractic care would be appropriate for an elderly relative or friend. With chiropractic the techniques that we use can be greatly adapted from one patient to the next. What happens as we get older?...

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Meet the Pilates teacher – Jacqueline Ball

I trained to become a Pilates Reformer/ Matwork Teacher because… Low back pain. As my background had been teaching ITEC Sports Massage/Sports Therapy diplomas, it made sense to learn how to instruct, rather than just go to classes and rely on someone else’s knowledge....

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Settling an unsettled baby – what may be wrong

By chiropractor - and mum - Nisha Saran How do I get my baby to settle is a common conversation between new mums. There is nothing more stressful than an unsettled baby and you just don’t know why. It may be that your baby isn’t sleeping for long. Or that you are...

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The Waldegrave Clinic has been awarded the coveted Patient Partnership Quality Mark AND Clinical Management Quality Mark in recognition of our superb clinical standards.

Our practice is one of the few clinics nationally that has been awarded both the Patient Partnership Quality Mark and a research status award in recognition of our superb clinical standards. Our high level of expertise is matched with an excellent range of facilities including Shockwave therapy, rehabilitation gym and private changing rooms.