Meet the physiotherapist – Alessio Gessa

Alessio Gessa – Physiotherapist

I became a physiotherapist because…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a sporty boy, which led me to get in contact with many different physiotherapists along my career. I’ve always enjoyed being a patient and my passion grew more and more to the point that I chose it as a profession.

What has surprised me most about my profession

The beauty of dealing with such a different variety of caseload – this keeps our job interesting and challenging. Also, I consider myself very lucky to be able to influence people’s health through what I do to help them.

The unexpected hurdles I have faced

Managing the patient’s expectations is not as easy as it seems, especially in the private sector; the “educational” role we have is crucial in order to make a patient understand how they can help themselves – as well as for us to sort them out.

My most momentous moment as a practitioner

Indeed, my graduation day was a memorable day, but also when I made my relocation to the UK and took up my first role as a physiotherapist here needs to be right at the top.

Glimpse of wisdom I offer about health / the body

Believing is achieving – people’s health starts from their mind. We need to take care of our bodies from all viewpoints: physical, nutritional, mental… I always emphasize this when I see people in my treating room.

Outside of work

I am a very keen sportsperson, I’ve been a cyclist for all my life and now I’ve become a runner and triathlete as well.  I do enjoy travelling to discover new places and cultures, as well as socializing with friends and family.

What will always bring a smile to my face

A good chat with a friend as well as my own daily exercise time. Ah, being Italian, a good meal will always do the job!