Meet the Physiotherapist – Finn Maloney

Finn Maloney Physiotherapist

Finn Maloney Physiotherapist

I became a physiotherapist because

Having been an avid sportsman from a young age I experienced a few injuries which required me to see a physiotherapist.

Unfortunately as the injuries kept coming, it became apparent that I needed to consider other career options and having witnessed at first-hand the difference a good physiotherapist can make, I thought this is the job for me.

What has surprised me most about my profession

It would have to be how diverse the day can be and the wide range of people and injuries you come into contact with. You never know what is coming through the door and that makes work both demanding and exciting.

The unexpected hurdles I have had to face

It would have to be managing expectations for patients – especially when it means withholding them from sport/activities they are desperate to take part in. These conversations are difficult, but sometimes a necessary part of practice.

My most memorable moment as a physiotherapist

It would have to be my graduation, it was the culmination of years of dedication and hard work and it was the beginning of my career.

A glimpse of wisdom I can you offer about your health and body

The body is incredibly resilient. Its ability to adapt, repair and heal is quite amazing and with the right treatment and exercises it is astonishing what people can overcome and achieve.

Outside of work, I enjoy

I love anything to do with sport and fitness. I enjoy playing rugby although, I have had a year off whilst I focus on work, but otherwise I regularly go to the gym, swim and attend spin classes for my sins.

What will always bring a smile to my face

I’m always happy when going out for a meal/night out with friends or seeing Ireland winning in the rugby. Having said that nothing quite beats the feeling of going on holiday!