Meet the Chiropractor – Ben Jones

What led you to become a chiropractor?

Growing up I often attended the local chiropractor when my father had back pain. I was amazed at how he was able to help people in pain and instantly fell in love with the profession. Unfortunately, I had my own experience of back pain in my late teens due to manual labour jobs and felt the benefits of chiropractic care for myself. That is when I decided I wanted to join the profession and help people.

What has surprised you most about the profession as a practitioner?

Entering the profession, I have been able to see all the different ways in which chiropractors work. We all work slightly differently and I have tried to take elements from everyone to best suit me. Like many, I used to think chiropractors only treated backs but I have enjoyed learning all the ways in which we can help various musculoskeletal conditions across the whole body.

What have been the unexpected hurdles you have had to face?

My second year of study was in lockdown, therefore we had no face-to-face contact for the first half of the year. This made studying very difficult as chiropractic has a big physical element where you need to get hands on. This has made me appreciate working with patients even more.

What have been the unexpected benefits you have enjoyed?

When you join the profession, you join a community and I’ve been surprised by how nice and helpful everyone is. I look forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can from everyone.

What has been your most momentous moment?

Receiving a First-Class Honours in my Chiropractic Degree.

What glimpse of wisdom can you offer about health/the body?

Life can be hectic at times and we can forget to look after ourselves. Focus on the key pillars of health – exercise, good nutrition, sleep and relaxation and your body will thank you for it. You only have one body so look after it!

Outside of work what do you enjoy in life?

Being from the countryside, I enjoy getting outdoors in nature and spending time with my friends and family. Food is also a big part of my life, I enjoy trying out a new restaurant but you can’t beat cooking a big hearty meal at home.

What will always bring a smile to your face?

The feeling you receive when the patient tells you they are no longer feeling any pain, and you can visibly see a difference in their mood and how they hold themselves makes my day.

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