Back Pain – what is the best approach?

back pain best approach

To find yourself unexpectedly suffering with back pain, the most common reaction is to not know what to do.

Are you meant to keep moving? Or should you just lie down and stay still? Do you need to ice pack, or is it a hot water bottle? Paracetamol, ibuprofen or deep heat?

Do you need physiotherapy or chiropractic – what is the difference? Do you go to see your GP? Do you need an Xray or scan?

Or do you just keep going hoping the pain will go and the problem sorts itself out?

It can be a complicated chain of thought – when all you want is for the pain to go away and to be able to move freely.

What the research is saying

In March 2018, The Lancet (the world’s leading independent general medical journal) featured a series of reports on lower back pain.

The report highlighted the growing trend of back pain globally and the typical care offered at the earliest stages of lower back pain.

Analysis of the report acknowledged that there was an unconscionable readiness by the medical profession to medicalise lower back pain  – and that research is proving this may not be the best approach.

What was highlighted was the need for better patient education and advice.  It also suggested how safe and effective hands-on care is effective within the first steps for the treatment of low back pain.

At the time of the report’s release, Waldegrave Clinic chiropractor Catherine Quinn who is also the President of the British Chiropractic Association, appeared on Channel 5 news as a spokesperson welcoming the report findings.

The Waldegrave Clinic approach to back pain

At the Waldegrave Clinic, we see numerous patients each week whom have suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves suffering with back pain.

The first steps we will always take are diagnosis, education, pain management.

You need to know what has really caused the problem in the first place. It may not be the actual physical action that happened at the time your pain started, it may be an underlying musculoskeletal issue you may yet be unaware of.

The thorough series of questions we ask, followed by a gentle physical examination will get to the root cause of your pain and discomfort.

Once this is explained to you, you will receive effective, gentle manipulative treatment that may help to ease and manage your pain.

Most importantly, through advice and exercise, you will learn how to avoid future recurrences.

Our clinic is well equipped with a Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym, should you require expert one-on-one supervision when learning how to look after and strengthen your back.

We are never a clinic that ‘sells’ a number of treatments. If one visit is all you need, that is all we will advise along with the exercises needed to keep you moving freely.

What should you do when suffering with back pain?

There are some immediate actions you can take at home – this article is really helpful.  Ouch my back has gone into spasm

If you still find yourself in pain, then a visit to a clinic like the Waldegrave Clinic will give you the diagnosis, education and pain management you may need.

You can read our patient feedback here:  feedback


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