Pilates teacher Teddington Jacqueline Ball

Meet the Pilates teacher – Jacqueline Ball

I trained to become a Pilates Reformer/ Matwork Teacher because…

Low back pain. As my background had been teaching ITEC Sports Massage/Sports Therapy diplomas, it made sense to learn how to instruct, rather than just go to classes and rely on someone else’s knowledge. Then I could take charge of my own therapeutic progression at home.

Also my exposure to Pilates as a one-one session, rather than just participating in a big exercise class at a local gym, had led me to view Pilates differently.

My training involved

My training has been across a broad spectrum:  Pilates Training Solutions, clinical Studio Equipment course, delivered by osteopath Claire Worman. The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Stott Pilates, YMCAfit and Studio 17@David Lloyd Hampton. Sports Therapy UK for CPD to maintain my Sports Therapy Association membership. Greenwich University for my Certificate in Education.

What has surprised me most about the profession as a practitioner

How a lot of people will put up with pain, before seeking help.

My main areas of interest are

Initially my interest was in clinical matwork therapy, particularly empathising with patients with low back pain.

Now I also really enjoy the challenge of constantly having to think of new ways teach my more advanced people, with more of an athletic conditioning approach. I have to keep learning and growing myself to keep up with them! Both ends of the spectrum are fantastic to work with.

I choose to challenge my own training needs with the reformer, as I feel it alters dysfunctional movement patterns quicker.

My most momentous moment

Having only experienced big fitness Pilates classes before, my “eureka moment” came after a one-one pilates session. I was posturally assessed first, then given specific functional exercises to strengthen my back, by a friend working towards his qualification.

In that moment, I recognised the potential for Pilates to be an effective therapy.

A glimpse of wisdom I can offer you about health and body

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

Outside of work I enjoy…

Relaxing spa sessions. Martial Arts and other forms of fitness training. Studying osteopathy. Cooking lovely food. Going to Pilates Reformer classes. Being in nature.

What will always bring a smile to my face?

Good food, fun company, a beautiful sunset, rainbows and the noisy magpies and parakeets that congregate in the hedge outside my flat.

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