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Sciatica – what you need to know

Mention the word sciatica and the most likely response from anyone who has suffered it will be ‘horrible’! And it is horrible. So what exactly is sciatica? The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body which travels down the back of the leg and calf. The symptoms...

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How to start running

Running is a great aerobic exercise. It is very time-effective and can be done almost anywhere at any time - and all you need is a pair of decent running shoes. As an avid runner myself, having run marathons and too many 10k's to count, I have been through the mental...

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Alessio achieves 5th place in Ealing Half Marathon

Our physiotherapist Alessio Gessa took part in the Ealing Half Marathon in September, completing in a stunning time of less than 75 minutes -  1:14:46.7. Why the Ealing Half Marathon? I chose the Ealing half marathon because a friend of mine (the one on the right in...

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Meet the Chiropractor – Mollie Tolino

What led you to become a chiropractor? I was inspired by a chiropractor from an early age and as a Junior Rower with back problems, I’ve experienced the difference chiropractic makes to daily life and functional potential. I’m passionate about making a difference. I...

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Do you get back pain playing golf?

By avid golfer and chiropractor Marcus Higgins. Getting back pain is never something we want, but when it is affecting what we love to do, it is important to look for possible reasons why it is occurring in the first place. Golf swing characteristics associated with...

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Lower limb pain and customised orthotics

By physiotherapist Brendan Greaney If you  suffer with lower limb pain you may well need to be assessed to see if you require orthotics.  These are customised insoles that help to correct a number of common foot and lower limb problems.  Designed for comfort and...

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Stiff back after driving? Things to try

  By chiropractor Tom Greenway Driving can be stressful! But in particular when enduring a long journey, there is nothing worse than when you start to feel uncomfortable and have a stiff aching back after driving. Many back problems are caused or aggravated through...

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10 ways to avoid injury playing tennis

Summertime sees tennis fever grip the nation, so it’s not unusual to see more tennis players at the clinic suffering pain! Tennis is a great game but can be physically demanding. Typical tennis injuries that we see  patients with, are so often associated with not...

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Protect your back whilst gardening

It’s always tempting when the better weather arrives to get working on the garden and do too much at once! But when your muscles are not used to what you are asking them to do – it is easy to cause strain. So to keep you gardening happily all summer, a few hints and...

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Our practice is one of the few clinics nationally that has been awarded both the Patient Partnership Quality Mark and a research status award in recognition of our superb clinical standards. Our high level of expertise is matched with an excellent range of facilities including Shockwave therapy, rehabilitation gym and private changing rooms.