Lower limb pain and customised orthotics

customised insoles

By physiotherapist Brendan Greaney

If you  suffer with lower limb pain you may well need to be assessed to see if you require orthotics.  These are customised insoles that help to correct a number of common foot and lower limb problems.  Designed for comfort and longevity, a customised orthotic may help to relieve pain and improve quality of life.

Lower limb pain

Lower limb pain can typically present itself in such conditions as:  osteoarthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonopathy, leg length discrepancy,  bunions – to mention but a few.

It is also common with  sportsmen and women, arthritis sufferers and people that suffer pain during weight bearing activities.

Lower limb assessment

At the Waldegrave Clinic, Footmaxx gait and pressure analysis is performed as part of the lower limb biomechanical assessment. This is a detailed, accurate, scientific  analysis that looks at the sequence of movements when one foot contacts the ground – and repeats with the same foot.   This may involve a foot scan which will be carried out by your physiotherapist.

The detailed readings and information taken from the scan are used to highly customise your orthotic to suit both your foot and your lifestyle. The orthotic will help to absorb the stress of weight bearing activity, ease pain and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your lower limbs.

Are you suffering lower limb pain?

To book a Gait Analysis consultation with one of our physiotherapy team, please call 020 8943 2424.


Physiotherapist Brendan Greaney

Physiotherapist Brendan Greaney





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