Do you get back pain playing golf?

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By avid golfer and chiropractor Marcus Higgins.

Getting back pain is never something we want, but when it is affecting what we love to do, it is important to look for possible reasons why it is occurring in the first place.

Golf swing characteristics associated with back pain

Golf is obsessive and most golfers do not want to stop because of a bit of pain, which is understandable. However there is a golf swing characteristic that is the number one associated cause of low back pain in golfers and that that swing characteristic can be changed to not only improve your back pain but also your game.

So what is the main swing characteristic?

Most people that get low back pain from playing golf have a Reverse spine angle which means that on the back swing, the spine over rotates and extends at the top of the backswing, instead of staying in a flexed position.

Now most players (right handed) would think “why is my back pain on my right hand side and not my left?”

Well the simple answer to that is because it is on the down swing that you get the injury. This is because you go from and extended rotated position at the back swing to a flexed and rotated position on the downswing, which leads to poor loading of the joints and discs in the lower back.

back pain playing golf

What is commonly associated with Reverse spine angles?

  • Too much of an arch in your low back (anterior pelvic tilt)
  • Poor hip rotation
  • Poor upper spine rotation
  • Poor shoulder mobility
  • Insufficient core strength/ activation

What should you do?

  1. The first thing to do is to get assessed by a medical, golf or fitness professional that can work out some of the reasons anatomically and functionally why you may be predisposed to this swing characteristic.
  2. The Professional that you visit should be able to point out certain areas that can be worked on both manually and actively to help improve your symptomatology and golf swing.
  3. It is important to work on this with your physical therapist and your golf pro to ensure that the physical issues being addressed are being utilised properly in your golf swing.

If pain remains persistent, chiropractic is an option that may help.

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