Alessio achieves 5th place in Ealing Half Marathon

Our physiotherapist Alessio Gessa took part in the Ealing Half Marathon in September, completing in a stunning time of less than 75 minutes –  1:14:46.7.

Why the Ealing Half Marathon?

I chose the Ealing half marathon because a friend of mine (the one on the right in the picture) recommended it and we decided to run it together; also, it was voted the best half marathon in the UK a few years in a row, and now having run it, I can see why!

In brief, what was your training plan?

My training plan consisted of 5 training sessions a week, with one track session, one tempo session, one long run and two easy runs, for a total of 75km (55 miles) per week. Most of my training is done very early in the morning before going to work as it is the moment of the day I enjoy the most.

What was your goal for the day?

The main goal for me when I race is having fun! Being very competitive, the faster I am, the more I have fun! But I did not stress about time, I had a goal to go sub 75 minutes, but it was not compulsory. At the end of the day, we are amateurs, which means we have to love what we do, regardless of the result.

How was the experience on the day?

It was a very good day out there! The course was tough but fun, the crowd was fantastic, really supportive and warm despite the horrible weather! All the other runners would cheer you on when crossing each other, a very good experience, one of the best I’ve had I have to say.

What would you recommend to anyone considering running their first half marathon?

If you consider to run your first half marathon, I would suggest to make sure you train sensibly in order not only to be able to finish, but to enjoy the experience and to avoid injuries.

Build up the distance slowly, try and squeeze in some shorter races before and seek advice from experienced and qualified people. And, why not, see a physio to keep going and to prevent any undesired injuries that might hold you back.


Ealing Half Marathon


Training for a marathon?

Alessio is  a physiotherapist at the Waldegrave Clinic in Teddington known for its excellence in working with sports performance and sports injuries.

To book an appointment, please 020 8943 2424

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