Protect your back whilst gardening

back pain gardening

It’s always tempting when the better weather arrives to get working on the garden and do too much at once! But when your muscles are not used to what you are asking them to do – it is easy to cause strain.

So to keep you gardening happily all summer, a few hints and tips to protect your back whilst gardening

 Lifting techniques

Poor lifting techniques are so often responsible for causing injury or back pain.  Emptying the grass box is a common cause of back injury! What looks like a light load can be deceiving.

Avoid over filling and position the grass box at the shortest distance possible to dispose of cuttings.

 Avoid twisting and overreaching

Be careful of twisting and over reaching when cutting border edges:

  • Use short handled shears
  • Use a mat to kneel on
  • Only cut the edge at a comfortable distance from where you are kneeling
  • Move the mat frequently so you keep mobile

Keep a small garden tidy bag close by to put the clippings in as you go along – this saves bending down to pick them up later

 Bending down!

If you find it difficult to get up and down from the ground, long handled shears may put less strain on the back and knees. Cleverly designed tools can be purchased from shops specialising for people with restricted movement.

 Spread the tasks

Try and intersperse each task in the garden so you do not  over-use the same sets of muscles in the same way.

If your muscles are feeling tired and tight – take a break. A therapeutic massage, or aromatherapy can help ease aches and pains and really relax you. After all your hard work, you deserve it!

Posture when mowing:

Using a push type mower – posture is key.

  • Keep your back as straight as possible – and your wrists straight.
  • Shorter pushes are better than longer ones which take you out of a neutral position.
  • If your mower is too heavy, do consider getting a lighter one – it really is not worth the risk of injury.

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Back pain after gardening?

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors can help, or consider a therapeutic massage or aromatherapy. To book an appointment  call 020 8943 2424

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