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Chiropractor Tom Greenway at London 2012

Chiropractor Tom Greenway is renowned within sporting circles for his expertise treating sports injuries and working with the professional elite. He participated at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, and has worked with Chelsea Football Club and Queens Park Rangers. ...

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Why does your neck crack at the Chiropractor?

By Chiropractor Tom Greenway The prospect of having your neck 'clicked' or 'cracked' when your neck is already painful is not exactly enticing. Yet everyday thousands of people, worldwide are having it done.  Why does you neck crack at the Chiropractor? The cracking,...

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What is the difference between Chiropractic & Osteopathy

By Chiropractor Tom Greenway If you were suffering from muscular, joint, ligament or back pain - it's difficult for you to know what type of treatment you should choose - chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy? In particular, when there seems to be similarities...

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Do you suffer hip pain whilst walking?

By Physiotherapist Tracey DiMatteo If you feel pain around your hip whilst walking, it may have a number of causes. Most commonly these are arthritis, joint degeneration, bursitis and tendonitis. Here we will consider arthritis and degeneration, which are common...

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Pain hazards of high heels & handbags

By Chiropractor Nick Loftus When a female patient arrives in the treatment room, suffering with neck and shoulder pain, I invariably see them bring a heavy looking handbag with them. When I ask if I can just lift the said bag up to see how heavy it is - their response...

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What is whiplash?

By Chiropractor Nick Loftus I feel fairly well placed to impart my thoughts on the subject of whiplash. As well as having treated many patients with whiplash over the years, I have also been the recipient of well over 30 equivalent such injuries! Let me assure you,...

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How back pain can affect your lifestyle

By Chiropractor Nick Loftus Just today, I had a female patient who has said she’d rather give birth again than have another episode of sciatica (leg pain often associated with disc-related back pain). And she is not the first patient to have said that! Back pain can...

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Our practice is one of the few clinics nationally that has been awarded both the Patient Partnership Quality Mark and a research status award in recognition of our superb clinical standards. Our high level of expertise is matched with an excellent range of facilities including Shockwave therapy, rehabilitation gym and private changing rooms.