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How Podiatry can help the feet of diabetics

By Podiatrist Sagara Palliyage Approximately 2.5 million people in the UK suffer from diabetes according to Diabetes UK.  By 2025, it is estimated that this number will exceed four million. Foot problems are a big risk in diabetics - the most severe problems can lead...

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Ouch – I think I’ve trapped a nerve

Often when a patient arrives at the clinic in pain, they fear that they have trapped a nerve. However, did you know that it’s extremely rare to truly trap a nerve? Nerves have plenty of room to travel around the body. They don’t often become caught or trapped on their...

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Arghh – I think I’ve slipped a disc

Ah the old slipped disc! I’m sure everyone’s heard this term before! It’s commonly used as a diagnosis for back pain! But just to throw a spanner in the works, did you know that the disc doesn’t actually slip? What? But I know loads of people who’ve slipped a disc…...

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Hip Pain – How do I know what’s wrong?

By Chiropractor Nick Loftus The majority of hip pain that I see in the clinic usually has less to do with problems arising from the actual ball and socket joint itself and is most commonly associated with: muscular problems in the area (hamstring or groin strains,...

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How to avoid skiing injuries

For any keen skiers, the sharp frostiness in the winter air is a welcome sign that soon we will be sipping some gluhwein at the top of a snowy mountain - contemplating the perfect carve of our tracks as we parallel down the next powder run! Dream! No matter how...

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Achilles Tendon problems – what to do & how to prevent

By Physiotherapist Jacky Balfour Achilles Tendon problems are one of the most common injuries that I diagnose and treat as a physiotherapist at the Waldegrave Clinic. They are particularly common in people who play sport - especially sports that involve running and/or...

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Knee & heel aches & pains in sporty kids explained

By Physiotherapist Jacky Balfour If you have children who play sport they may from time to time complain of aches and pains - or with kids just being kids - get injured. Often these problems will settle over a few days, but if your child complains of persistent pain...

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Chiropractor Tom Greenway at London 2012

Chiropractor Tom Greenway is renowned within sporting circles for his expertise treating sports injuries and working with the professional elite. He participated at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, and has worked with Chelsea Football Club and Queens Park Rangers. ...

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