Back Pain Hazards in the Home & Garden

Our home and garden are places to relax and enjoy.  Unfortunately at this time of the year, they can also result in unexpected back pain!

The change in weather sees us wanting to get out and do the garden and get started on those decorating or DIY tasks.

Problem is, your body is suddenly forced into making moves it’s probably not been used to for a few months. Back pain is often caused through a simple manoeuvre done incorrectly.

So here’s a few hints and tips to protect your back whilst gardening and avoid a few home hazards too.

How to protect your back when mowing the lawn

Back pain mowing lawnJust like any strenuous task which isn’t done on a regular basis, mowing the lawn can lead to tired and aching muscles in the back.

Standing or walking in a semi-flexed posture while pushing a heavy mower places huge stress on the low back. Muscles can become tired quickly and ache, leading to pain which can feel like an intense throbbing continue reading


How to protect your back whilst gardening

It’s always tempting especially at the beginning of the season to do  too much at once! But when your muscles are not used to what you are asking them to do – it is easy to cause strain.

Poor lifting techniques are so often responsible for causing injury or back pain. But what looks like a light load can be deceiving. continue reading


Back pain in the home and how to avoid them

back-pain-hazards-in-homeOften, patients arrive in pain, feeling perplexed that the pain occurred through doing an everyday household activity – when they are generally a fit and active person.

Something as simple as loading the dishwasher or lifting a chair can suddenly trigger a weakness you never knew you had. I refer to this as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Let’s take a look at some of the common hazards in the home and the measures you can take to help prevent them continue reading

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