Festive Season Back Hazards!

December tends to be a busy month at the clinic!

Rushing around, lifting and carrying more than usual, plus cold, slippy weather can all play their part in creating havoc with your body.

Often, it can be a small action that can trigger a pain problem that may have been lurking beneath the surface.

So, to help keep your festive season a mobile one – a few typical hazards to be aware of!

The Christmas Tree!

Yep, they can be quite a weight and whilst visions of dragging the Christmas tree into the home may feel reminiscent of a romantic movie, it can be hazardous for your back! Just remember:

  • When carrying a weight , spread the load evenly. Get assistance!
  • Decorating the tree can involve plenty of twisting and bending – keep balanced, use a step ladder for the higher parts.
Getting the turkey out of the oven

Feeling a little Scrooge to be blaming a turkey on back pain but it happens! If it’s a large turkey and a low oven – just beware of heavy load, bend the knees!

This article Back pain hazards in the home gives useful tips on lifting and carrying.

High heels and handbags

As party season gets underway, the perils of high heels – in particular if you’re not used to them – can cause more than sore feet. High heels tend to force the body forward putting strain on your posture. Add in a few dance moves you’ve not tried for a while and well….

And whilst the large handbag may be great for packing everything ‘just in case’ – it can cause a problematic strain around the neck and shoulders.  When you add the extra bags of Christmas shopping you are carrying too, trouble may be looming!

Chiropractor Nick Loftus explains more  Pain hazards of high heels and handbags

Sleeping in the guest bed

When visiting family and you find yourself sleeping in the spare bed, or on a sofa bed that has probably seen better days, an uncomfortable night’s sleep can be both painful and exhausting.

Consider investing in a travel mattress topper that is easy to pack for additional back support.

Driving a long journey

In particular if you have restless kids in the car and tension starts to rise! Back pain in the car can often be due to your posture whilst sitting at the wheel. These useful tips may help  – Stiff back whilst driving

And in case your’re heading off to the slopes….

Make sure you prepare your body, physically, in the run up to your holiday so you get far more enjoyment out of your skiing. Check out this useful advice – how to avoid a skiing injury

So there you have it!  We wish you a wonderful, healthy festive season.