Tips to help prevent neck & shoulder pain

By Physiotherapist Tracey DiMatteo

Neck painWhen you are suffering with neck or shoulder pain, often, changes to the way you typically do things each day, or simple exercises can help.

If neck or shoulder pain persists, then I recommend to get yourself looked at by a physiotherapist or chiropractor sooner rather than later.

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Here, I highlight recommendations for you to follow, and simple exercises you can do to help prevent neck and shoulder pain:

Best ways to prevent neck and shoulder pain:

1:Change Position- Often

– Adjust your chair/car seat.

– Carry bags on other shoulder/ babies on opposite hip.

2: Keep Moving

– Stand up and walk about.

– Stand up and stretch in the opposite direction.

3: Think Tall

– Stand tall/ sit tall/ drive tall/ walk tall.

4: Sleeping Position/ Pillows

– Find a pillow to suit you and achieve a neutral position for your neck.

– If you sleep on your tummy, try not to.

5: Think About Equipment You Use Daily

– Use a backpack, if you carry a heavy bag.

– Use a headset, if you spend long periods on the phone/ use speaker on your mobile.

– Use a supportive chair, or try using a lumbar support cushion or seating wedge.

– Use a docking station to change your computer screen height.

– Use a keyboard so you can alter your arm position.

6: General Exercise

Consider doing some regular/weekly whole body exercise to improve strength and condition of the muscles and joints. Yoga and Pilates classes are excellent, as well as swimming, walking, general keep fit classes.

7: Do Daily Postural Exercises

– Chin tucks- Draw chin back to straighten and flatten neck curve.

– Push ups in chair- Push down on seat pad to lift yourself off chair.

– Chair grabs, with side neck bends- Hold seat pad with one hand and side bend neck away from that side.

– Shoulder blades squeezes together.

– Chest stretch through door.

Exercise videos

For exercises you can practice daily – watch these short videos:  Neck and shoulder exercises

 Are you suffering with neck pain or shoulder pain?

Please feel welcome to come and see myself, Jacky or Toby – we are the physiotherapists at the Waldegrave Clinic in Teddington. We are always happy to help. Telephone 0208 8943 2424

Tracey DiMatteo Physiotherapist Waldegrave Clinic

Tracey Di Matteo Physiotherapist Waldegrave Clinic

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