Why strength & conditioning is important to avoid injury recurrence

By Physiotherapist Jacky Balfour

Recurring injuries are very common in both sport and everyday life. Certainly, if you have suffered an injury recurrence you will know just how frustrating and debilitating it can be.

To help prevent an injury from recurring requires an approach that addresses the cause rather than just treating symptoms. In particular where there is a lack of strength, sporting technique will suffer and this may lead to injury or poor performance.

An ongoing programme of Strength and Conditioning following treatment for an injury will enable a return to 100% sport specific fitness.

What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning training aims to improve sport performance and even everyday life by helping stop injuries and increasing fitness. The focus of Strength and Conditioning will vary according to the needs of the individual but can include: strength and power work, speed, balance, plyometrics, flexibility and endurance training.

At the Waldegrave Clinic our ethos is to take an integrated approach to treatment as in most cases this better serves the needs of our patients. So it was a natural fit to form a working relationship with The Athletic Edge based in Hampton Wick.

Patients at the clinic will be given a diagnosis following a detailed examination with either a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor, who will explain what is wrong or not efficient and will start to put this right. Then working together with a Strength and Conditioning Coach the treatment can be integrated into a full programme to avoid recurrence and enhance performance.

The combination of The Athletic Edge working with practitioners at the Waldegrave Clinic means that once patients have had their injuries treated they will be able to go on to perform to their best potential and avoid unnecessary injury or recurrences.

The Athletic Edge is a Strength and Conditioning gym based just a minute’s walk away from Hampton Wick station. Both Josh and Ben are experienced Strength and Conditioning coaches with degrees in Strength and Conditioning Science. They provide training to enable athletes and the general public to achieve the results they want.

Patients of the Waldegrave Clinic get a 30% discount on services with The Athletic Edge.