Typical Running Injuries – what to do

running injuries

Running is one of the easiest exercises to fit into a daily routine. All you need are a decent pair of running shoes and you’re off! Whether you are just starting running or are a regular runner, there are typical running injuries that can impede your progress.  Our physiotherapist Alessio gives a few simple tips:

  1. Achilles tendinopathy (pain in Achilles tendon and/or in the heel
  2. Shin splints (medial-tibial stress syndrome)
  3. ITB syndrome (pain on the outside of the knee)
What to do when it hurts

Know when to stop and pace yourself. Often injuries come from loading errors (too far and/or too fast). Ice, rest for a couple of days
and allow your body to recover. Do not insist on running on it straight away

When to visit a physio / chiropractor

If the pain does not wear off in few days, then visit us. We can look at the injury itself and the root cause that led to its manifestation. Often simple tips and advice, with a few exercises/treatments can help your body cope with the demands of running in a more effective way.

Should you require an appointment, please call 020 8943 2424

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