Running a marathon – How to avoid injury

If you are training to run 26 miles you will be starting to understand why a marathon is the challenge it is! You will have run 100’s of miles during training and your end goal is in sight.

But what do you do when all those little niggles that were under control, start to surface and you still have 2 long runs to do before the big day?

The Waldegrave Clinic has many keen runners in their practitioner team. Physiotherapist Jacky Balfour and homeopath Merran Sell have run multiple marathons between them.

Whilst clinic director, chiropractor and keen runner Tom Greenway has treated many professional athletes – and was the Lead Chiropractor at London 2012. Here he gives a few tips:

How to reduce running injuries and reach the finishing line

How you aid your recovery is the most important thing after each run and especially after a longer run.

A few very useful tips to help you:

Stretching- Never rush this hugely important step, aim for 10 minutes after each run, gently stretching your calves, hamstrings, gluts and quadriceps, holding each stretch for between 30 and 90 seconds.

Rehydrate you can lose up to a litre of fluid an hour so post stretching routine, drink a good sports drink or mix a little dioralyte with some water to replenish lost salts and fluids.

Knee, ankle or foot pain? Ice baths are especially effective. Start with cold water first, adding the ice 2 minutes later. Try to last as long as you can, if you can survive more than 10 minutes you are a gold medal contender! You will be amazed at the recovery affects.

Compression compression socks may not be the slinkiest item to wear in bed at night but they do help aches and pains! A swim the following day is also hugely effective as the compression of the water against your limbs helps remove the lactate.

Massage – not only will this aid your performance but is also a well deserved reward when you are training hard read more.

A Pre / Post Marathon Check Up can help your body enormously, improving flexibility and strength.

At the Waldegrave Clinic we have worked with many  top athletes and are fully equipped to treat sports injuries with our team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports massage and acupuncture. We practice a multi-disciplinary approach so you are assured of the best treatment for your injury, ache or pain.

If you are experiencing pain that is affecting your running, book an appointment at the clinic and get yourself checked out – call 020 8943 2424

Good luck!

The Waldegrave Clinic Team

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