Meet the chiropractor – Tom Greenway

tom greenway

Tom Greenway, Chiropractor and Clinic Director at The Waldegrave Clinic

I chose to become a chiropractor because…

…I had wanted to be involved in healthcare since I was 9 years old and my family suggested chiropractic.

What has surprised me most about chiropractic

We do our patients so much good, but disappointingly there is still much scepticism about what we do. Everyone has an opinion about who the best person is to see regarding back pain.

Unexpected hurdles I have faced

Integrating chiropractic in to the elite sports arena has been very challenging. Sports medicine is a new area in healthcare, so in a way it’s been easier to get chiropractic involved in this fledgling area of medical care. But it has still had its difficult moments.

The most rewarding aspect

Prolonged chronic back pain makes your life miserable; you get fed up and cannot do the things you want to do. Once the pain has gone away or has become manageable you see people re-engaging in their lives again. Improving a person’s quality of life is the most rewarding aspect to my job.

Tom_OlympicflagMy most momentous career and life moments

Being the lead chiropractor at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London read more. That and being at the births of my children.

Glimpses of wisdom I offer my patients

Back pain is like a battle. If you stop leading the life you want to because of it – then the pain is winning. Once you get the pain under control and you get back to leading your life the way you want to – you are winning. The challenge for a therapist is to find and use the right weapons to help you win the battle. That is what I find most exciting about my job and it is also the reason it is never boring – it is different for each patient.

Outside of work, I enjoy

Exercise, travelling, sports, cooking and spending time with my family even though I drive them mad.

What will always bring a smile to my face?

When someone comes into my room at work feeling better and you can see it in their eyes.

Tom Greenway listed as top 10 alternative practitioner in Times Magazine

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What Tom’s patients say
I went to see Tom on the recommendation of another one of his patients. After 25 years of seeing people who just resolved the current issue Tom looked at a long term treatment and is working at seeing how he can help me to long term stability. Hullalujah, this is a first! He listens, takes on board, processes and then he gives me long term solutions not just sticking plasters. I have also had treatment from Catherine Quinn which was extremely helpful and resolved alot of my hip issues. She asked me how the previous treatment had gone and I suddenly realised that I had had no more pain!Lucy P
I have been visiting Tom at the Waldergrave clinic for a hereditary back condition for 25 years now (since I was 5 years old) I have never had a bad experience and I wouldn’t go any where else. I will always recommend the clinic to anyone who needs any of the services offered, as they can be sure to receive the best treatment and care.Hayley K
Tom always works his magic. He is always open and honest about the likely requirements of any treatment and is keen to ensure wider / alternate help is sought when appropriate. His gentle approach is much valued after poor experiences I had as a child. I am so very glad Tom was recommended to me all those years back.Roxanne R
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