Meet the physiotherapist – Brendan Greaney

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Physiotherapist Brendan Greaney

I chose to become a physiotherapist because…

Growing up I was one of four brothers. My father was a dentist and two of my brothers are doctors. We were all keen sportsmen and eventually I merged the two finding my passion for physical medicine and becoming a physiotherapist.

What has surprised me most about my profession

Seeing my profession grow over the past twenty five years has been both surprising and inspiring. The need for a scientific basis for our work has driven the profession to legitimise what we do. Our roles within medicine are constantly evolving and I believe the general public are becoming more and more empowered in managing their own health and as physiotherapists we are playing a leading role in helping to facilitate their efforts.

The unexpected hurdles I have had to face

Working in London in a multicultural society means we have to be constantly aware of people’s beliefs and culture. Having worked in various roles within the NHS and private practice I have often had to make use of interpreters or indeed have family members translate during the course of treatment.

The unexpected benefits I have enjoyed

As a physiotherapist I have worked in a number of roles in a variety of environments treating a huge variety of people ranging from Oscar winners to international athletes and all those in between. Every patient brings a unique personality and set of problems and for me that makes my work really interesting.

My most momentous moment

It was a very proud day for me when I qualified from university. Since then there have been many moments. Perhaps the standout was when I opened my own private practice in Dublin.

A glimpse of wisdom I can  offer about health/ the body

I am a firm believer in healthy body healthy mind. Always try and gain comfort in your environment in order to function properly. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and make it part of your lifestyle. Finally I believe a person’s health is reflected in their gait. I am always impressed by someone who walks well.

Outside of work

I enjoy the company of family and friends. Sitting down over a nice meal and letting the conversation flow. Having hung up my rugby boots I have found a passion for running and triathlons and enjoy nothing more than running in warm rain.

What will always bring a smile to my face?!

I enjoy a good belly laugh at a comedy club. But I have to say when someone places a cooked breakfast in front of me at the weekend it always gets a smile. Oh and visiting the dentist and being told my teeth are fine.