Can bad posture cause neck and shoulder pain?

By Physiotherapist Tracey DiMatteo

Tcan-bad-posture-cause-neck-shoulder-painhe answer is yes. And bad posture is affecting more and more people at all stages of life.

Posture can be defined as a state of skeletal and muscle, balance and alignment, that protects the supporting structures of the body from progressive deformity and strain.

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, good posture will allow your muscles to function with maximum efficiency and least strain.

An incorrect posture will therefore increase the strain on muscles, bones and ligaments and may cause injury and pain. Over time, muscles and soft tissues adapt by either shortening or lengthening. Muscles then become imbalanced, which can cause fatigue, joint stiffness and pain.

As a physiotherapist, one of the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain that I see is through Forward Head Posture.

Forward head posture symptoms

Posture position shows a forward position of the head on the neck. This can be visible through:

  • Increased forward curve of the neck
  • Rounding or hunching of the shoulders

Forward Head Posture can become more prevalent during our lifetimes for different reasons.

In adolescence: During this period of bone development and change the body is more vulnerable to strain when carrying heavy bags, sitting at computers or computer games. Also; changing body image, shape and height.

In pregnancy: Excess strain caused by increasing weight and weight distribution, and loss of abdominal control. This combined with hormonal changes that cause ligament laxity will contribute to poor posture.

Adults: Occupations that involve prolonged sitting, standing, driving, lifting, and repetitive movements may encourage poor posture, and Forward Head Position.

Maturer adults: Age related degenerative changes cause joint stiffness, muscle weakness, and poor posture.

What can I do to reduce neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture?

Click this link for: Best ways to prevent neck and shoulder pain

Exercise videos Neck & shoulder exercises   for daily exercises you can easily do.

Are you suffering with neck pain or shoulder pain?

If so, physiotherapy can help. An initial consultation will work out why it hurts, then your physiotherapist will recommend treatment and exercises to help improve your posture and mobility.

With any form of neck pain or shoulder pain, you are far better to get yourself looked at sooner, rather than later. In particular, when shoulder pain persists, there can also be the concern of a frozen shoulder which is not pleasant at all.

To book an appointment please call 020 8943 2424. We are always happy to help.

Tracey DiMatteo Physiotherapist Waldegrave Clinic

Tracey Di Matteo Physiotherapist Waldegrave Clinic

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