Meet the physiotherapist – Panos Pagiazitis

Physiotherapist Panos Pagiazitis

Physiotherapist Panos Pagiazitis

I chose to become a physiotherapist because…

I always find fulfillment when I help others and because of my passion for football as I used to play in amateur level for ten consecutive years.

What has surprised me most about my profession

It’s so impressive how every person reacts to his/her problem, the different mentality that everybody uses in order to face and overcome a painful condition. Even if all of us suffer with similar dysfunctions, everybody needs an individualized care. The brain and body are magnificent tools that if you learn how they work and train both properly, you can live a life without any pain or discomfort.

What inspires my working day

My ultimate aim is to motivate people. I strongly believe that if I could motivate a person and he/she finds their inner strength, we can get a perfect treatment outcome.

Outside of work I love to

Train both my spirit and my body. I always find ways to progress, to improve and set goals. My life passion is playing football. I also enjoy spending my time with lovely and positive people.

My most inspired career moment

I always try to bring out the best in every moment and as a passionate person I can’t differentiate one single moment. Undoubtedly, two inspired moments were as a volunteer Physiotherapist during Athens Authentic Marathon in 2012 & 2013 and as Head Physiotherapist in a football training summer camp in 2014 where I spent a very nice month with a great group of colleagues taking care of children aged 6-14 while they were playing football. When you see the smile in their faces, that’s real happiness!

What will always brings a smile to my face?

People’s happiness and satisfaction! When I realize that they start living the life they deserve. Motivated, dynamic and determined to achieve their full potential.

Words of wisdom I give my patients

Respect, listen and observe your body. How it feels and when it speaks to you through pain which is our best friend, always there to protect us. If you CHANGE, you will always find healing, enjoying a pain-free life. Remember, you are more powerful than anything else! Everything is possible. You just have to raise your self-awareness!

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