Amy Burton


Amy Burton graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. She is a keen sports woman who regularly enjoys competing in triathlons, half marathons and open water swimming. As an active person she fully appreciates the importance of being able to overcome injury and return to doing the things we love, whether that be sport, gardening or keeping up with the grandchildren. Amy likes to use a variety of treatment techniques including spinal manipulation, myofascial release techniques, exercise prescription and ergonomic advice.

What led you into wanting to become a chiropractor?

Having grown up participating in various sports including swimming, gymnastics and running, experiencing my fair share of injuries along the way, I quickly realised that the development and successes in sport goes far beyond training, but also encompasses a multifaceted approach to personal health. My previous sporting injuries had manifested as low back pain in my early twenties for which I sought Chiropractic care at the AECC, where after a few sessions of treatment and rehabilitation my pain soon resolved. This experience made me appreciate how varied and effective chiropractic treatment can be in managing acute and chronic pain and how it is tailored to each individual. It was this positive experience that led me to enrol onto the Chiropractic degree course at the AECC.

What has surprised you most about the profession as a practitioner?

The vast scope of neuromusculoskeletal conditions we can treat and how we are not limited to treating only neck and back pain as many might believe. I also love the continual opportunities to learn within the profession, whether that be new techniques or working with other health professionals.

What have been the unexpected benefits you have enjoyed?

As chiropractors we are in a unique position to spend the necessary time with patients, allowing us to listen their problem, understand their goals and work with them towards achieving it.

What have been the unexpected hurdles you have had to face?

Studying through a pandemic! However, I felt so incredibly lucky that chiropractors were considered key workers, allowing us to continue providing care to our patients throughout.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy in life?

Spending time with family, catching up with friends, travelling to new places, trying different foods and keeping active – with swimming, running and stand-up paddle boarding being my current favourites.

What has been your most momentous moment?

Achieving a First-Class Honours in my Chiropractic degree.

What will always bring a smile to your face?

Getting outdoors, finishing a tough workout, good food and a very big glass of gin!

What glimpse of wisdom can you offer about health/ the body

What glimpse of wisdom can you offer about health/ the body
The current global pandemic has emphasised more than ever the importance of caring for one’s physical and mental wellbeing, highlighting that health is multifaceted and needs to be approached accordingly. I feel incredibly passionate about educating and engaging patients in the mental and physical benefits that comes with moving your body.

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