Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic helps to get to the root cause of your pain problem and design a pain management and exercise plan to help you avoid future recurrences.

The aim is to get your body working to optimum efficiency to cope with your life’s demands.

What happens at the Pain Clinic?

You will see a chiropractor or physiotherapist first. Once problem areas are addressed through diagnosis and treatment, our aim is to help you become responsible for you own pain management and better condition yourself.

We help you achieve this through effectively combining manual treatments such as chiropractic and / or  physiotherapy with rehabilitation exercise.

If necessary we will recommend complementary therapies such as acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Our sole aim is to get you better as quickly as possible and to help you stay that way.

When stress contributes to pain

Increasingly common is for stress to be an underlying cause of pain, or a prevention to healing. When this is the case, we recommend our resident Clinical Psychologist who achieves outstanding results through using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help distinguish and change certain behaviour patterns.

Exercise at the Pain Clinic

When needed, our rehabilitation exercise gym is where one-on-one care with our rehabilitation therapist will fully assess all aspects of your strength, flexibility and fitness for a long term recovery.

Expertly guiding you to retrain your body through an individually designed programme of stretches and exercises will help you avoid the misery and unnecessary expense of avoidable recurrences.

In addition, Pilates and yoga classes are held weekly. Online exercise videos help you to exercise correctly when at home.

Shockwave Therapy

For patients with chronic pain conditions, there is the option of Shockwave Therapy at the Waldegrave Clinic.

Pain management pre and post surgery

The Waldegrave Clinic is a choice point of referral for many orthopaedic surgeons.

If you are expecting to undergo surgery we will advise and design the right exercises for you to do prior to surgery. This ensures rehabilitation after surgery is quicker and more effective.

During the initial aftermath of surgery we will help you manage your pain, before working with you to design a recovery program, building you back towards optimal functioning.

What patients say
As a patient of the clinic for two decades I have been constantly impressed by the brilliant diagnostic talent of Tom Greenway and the consistently outstanding quality of treatment by both Tom and Matthew Clifton-Hadley. I’m convinced that without their skills I would be a hunched up little old man with my neck and right shoulder totally incapacitated by a combination of computer use and long-distsnce travel. Instead I am still going strong in my seventies. Many thanks to Tom and the team. David S
I have been visiting Catherine Quinn as I had a leg which kept giving out on me and I had several nasty falls. Eventually we found I needed a spinal op to release the trapped nerve. I have to have my stitches out next Friday and then will visit Catherine again for some physio to strengthen my leg. I have found her to be extremely professional and very good at what she does.
Barbara M
I was in agony with sacroiliac joint pain and I could hardly walk. A few sessions with Mathew and I was pain-free and able to walk normally again. I am so glad that I know Mathew is not far away and I think he has miracle hands. Erin P
Jacky was great at analysing the problem and recommending exercises to remedy it. She is very friendly and helpful too
Roger W
My sessions with Tom have always felt therapeutic not only for my body, but also reassuring and encouraging. I had been seeing Tom for a few years for relatively minor’tweaks’ which were nonetheless an important element of maintaining my fitness, strength and flexibility after my 60th birthday. Gym and yoga were an enjoyable, essential part of my life. A year ago I had a bad fall, resulting in a hip fracture. It was only during a long period of rehabilitation that I came to fully appreciate Tom! I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without his guidance and support, especially when my first op went wrong. He is a lot more than someone who can manipulate my skeleton effectively and I attribute the (almost) completeness of my recovery to his caring and comprehensive approach. My son, who is a musician in his twenties, also relies on Tom to keep him ‘at the top of his game’. And can be heard to say “I don’t know what I’d do without Tom – how can he fix in five minutes something that’s not been right for weeks?” Thanks Tom! Dianne B
To book an appointment call 020 8943 2424.

Most of our services are covered by major health insurers.

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