How We Treat Typical Sports Injuries

On our Sports Injuries page, we talk about our multi-disciplinary approach to treating sports injuries. Here, we take a look at how we approach certain types of sports injuries.

Running Injuries

Many unnecessary injuries occur through ‘weekend syndrome’ that sees over exertion at weekends when maybe your lifestyle during the week has been more sedentary. Professional assessment and management will help protect your body and keep you running.

Racquet sports

Specialist equipment in our private gym will measure the strength and range of a particular muscle in line with what your game demands. We then design a programme to appropriately train the muscles to work at the right strength and through the appropriate range, for optimum efficiency and performance.

Contact sports

Our private gym hosts a range of Olympic size weights to maximise your resistance and power training –  the difference being that under our supervision all training is performed with absolute care management for your spine and any areas that have shown potential for weakness.

Endurance sports

For professional athletes we fully assess and manage how your training is structured at different times of your athletic calendar, so that you are performing to your peak during competition times and maintaining your fitness off season.


Amongst rowers there is a high incidence of low back pain from the excessive rotation and hyperextension during the rowing technique. Other injuries may include rib injuries and muscle strains in the arm and elbow. Professional assessment and pain management will identify the cause and manage symptoms with progressive sport specific rehabilitation.

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We are covered by health insurance schemes. Some will require GP referral.