Stanimir Stoyanov


Stanimir Stoyanov graduated as a physiotherapist, and at the same time as a physical education teacher, in 2008, from the National Sports Academy, ‘Vassil Levski’, in Sofia, Bulgaria. One semester from his course was spent at Tartu University in Estonia as an exchange student. Stanimir also obtained a masters in Sport Psychology from the National Sports Academy in 2010. and holds a 3 years degree level acupuncture licence in Traditional Chinese Medicine from City College of Acupuncture, London which he gained between 2016 and 2019 while was working as a physiotherapist in the UK. Stanimir is very caring individual with a with wide experience of working in the NHS as well as various private settings where thousands of patients have benefited from his skills, knowledge and abilities.

What led you into wanting to become a chiropractor/ physio?

I always had passion for sport, on the other hand anatomy has always been fascinating me so I developed strong interest to learn how human body functions, that led me to my journey in physiotherapy

What has surprised you most about the profession as a practitioner?

It is a new challenge every day and you never know who will knock on the door and what surprise they will bring with them.

The unexpected hurdles I have had to face

Registering in UK as a physiotherapist was an unexpectedly lengthy process!

What have been the unexpected benefits you have enjoyed?

By interacting with my patients I continue learning new things, that also allows me to see through their perspective which helps me to grow as a person

What has been your most momentous moment?

I remember watching at early age the 1994 FIFA World cup, and the 1996 Summer Olympic which were in USA so I had to get up in the small hours

What glimpse of wisdom can you offer about health/ the body?

Life is miracle, universe is multidimensional, and when the conditions are right we thrive.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy in life?

I love spending time with my family, and being in nature

What will always bring a smile to your face?

I am always happy to see a smile on а patient’s face after they got better.

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