Sports Injuries

A sports injury is immensely frustrating. To perform at your best, it is important to understand how the sport you play demands your body to work and ensure your muscles are conditioned appropriately.

Sports Injury Clinic, Teddington

At the Waldegrave Clinic you can access the expertise that has seen our practitioners work with elite level athletes, including placements at London 2012, Chelsea Football Club, QPR and London Irish Rugby.

Our private rehabilitation gym means that we are well equipped to offer you the necessary one-on-one attention, to help your body perform to optimum efficiency.

Our multi-disciplinary approach sees our highly regarded team of chiropractors and physiotherapists often combine treatments with massage and acupuncture to get you better as quickly as possible.

Assessing a Sports Injury

Biomechanical assessment:

Your strength, balance and flexibility are assessed to determine any weaknesses and imbalances in your posture, gait and various muscle groups that are likely to be causing you injury. This will accurately diagnose the right pain management you need and how to prevent the injury returning.

Treatment methods:

Treatment methods using chiropractic or physiotherapy, integrating with complementary therapies and the strength and conditioning team if necessary, will manage your injury.

Shockwave therapy

For chronic sports injuries involving the tendon or soft tissue, shockwave therapy is a treatment we offer if your treatment pathway plateaus – meaning you can’t train or perform – and you seek an alternative to cortizone.

Training programme analysis:

We look at the scientific principles around your exercise to assess whether you are using the right principles and that your training programme has been designed well for your ability.

Stretches and exercises designed for your needs carried out under our professional supervision ensure that injuries heal well and when you return to your normal levels of activity you do so stronger than you were before.

What patients say
Over 30 years ago, I suffered a rugby injury to my neck resulting in 2 vertebrae being fused. Ever since, I have received regular treatment – from chiropractor Tony Metcalfe until he retired and now from Tom. I shudder to think what my life would have been like without this treatment and I thank them both. Paul G
Absolutely first class. As well as fixing my long-term shoulder problem, Jacky Balfour both treated my Achilles injury and was patient and thorough in identifying the issues that had caused it and gave me exercises to prevent a recurrence of the problem. I feel so much better as a result.
Christopher J
I am a masters athlete and I am seeing Tom for a longstanding problem with my hamstring which has stopped my competing. After having it for 3 years I had reached the point of nearly giving up. I am now into the second month of treatment and the problem I thought would never disappear has nearly gone. I expect within the next month I will be able to train and compete at full capacity once more and I will be forever indebted to Tom for making this happen. Thank you.

Andrew J
I have recommended Tom Greenway now over the years to probably more than a 100 people. This primarily through years of running parkrun and hearing lots of people complain of back and muscular injuries. Tom rocks! That boy knows his stuff!

Michael M
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We are covered by health insurance schemes. Some will require GP referral.