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What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation helps you to manage pain and to avoid future recurrences – so your body is working to optimum efficiency to cope with your life’s demands.

The purpose is to identify lifestyle factors which may be putting your body at risk, as well as key weaknesses in your joints and supporting muscles, which may be predisposing you to injury.

Pilates and rehabilitation

When you experience pain that is a result of spine dysfunction, this often means that there is muscle imbalance and instability of the “core” and spine. Pilates, like rehabilitation can improve your neural tension, pain and function thus being a treatment of its own accord.

When should you seek rehabilitation?

Your body is meant to move! To not use your body in the right way will result in your muscles becoming weaker, increasing stress on your skeletal structure that over time leads to more wear and tear. When you have had an injury, to not exercise and expect your body to just carry on will ultimately result in your system starting to fail, which could result in more radical or invasive treatment in the future.

Rehabilitation is usually sought in conjunction with chiropractic or physiotherapy, or post injury or surgery.

What happens at you first appointment

A full case history will be taken to discover the cause of your condition. A thorough examination with specific tests will then identify the weaknesses in your body, so we can clearly explain what has been found and what needs to happen next.

What does rehabilitation involve?

Rehabilitation involves giving you specific exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretching techniques for tight muscles and stiff joints. It is a prescriptive approach that is tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

Exercises can be adapted to typical daily situations – how you sit at your desk, manage the kids or run in the park. Our rehabilitation gym may also be used to give you bespoke one-on-one care.

Rehabilitation has the added advantage of not only removing your symptoms, but strengthening your body to make it better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. In addition lifestyle advice is given to ensure that any aggravating factors are addressed, to make the chance of future injury less likely.

Small group Pilates classes

Weekly classes are held at the clinic for a maximum of 5 people. This ensures specific attention to help you exercise in the right way should you have a weakness or injury that can be helped with regular Pilates.

What qualifications will my rehabilitation practitioner have?

Rehabilitation practitioners at the Waldegrave Clinic are professionally registered Rehabilitation Therapists, and are accredited Pilates instructors.

What patients say
Trust the professionalism of Brendan, he knows his stuff, reception friendly and efficient
Angela W
Explained what the issue was and then provided a treatment course, with homework exercises that reduced the immediate pain but also put me on the road to recovery. All done in a professional and friendly manner. Will be back for my next injury. Thanks! Robert M
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