Meet the Physiotherapist – Joe Mulligan

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Physiotherapist Joe Mulligan

I chose to become a physiotherapist because…

I had been unfortunate with injury when playing in successful youth teams in my teens and so I had a lot of physiotherapy treatment myself. It became apparent that solving problems in order to help someone achieve their goals would carry great job satisfaction!

What has surprised me most about my profession

What people can achieve when they are focussed. Since qualifying, I have worked across various musculoskeletal clinics and have been amazed on countless occasions how athletes (of varying ability and experience!) have been able to achieve long and short term goals that previously they thought inconceivable. It really emphasises how amazing the human body is!

What inspires my working day

Achieving patient’s goals. From experience, I’ve found that a holistic and comprehensive assessment is paramount to helping identify and formulate a successful treatment plan. Once these goals are set and shared with myself and the patient, it’s an incredibly satisfying feeling when they’re achieved for both parties!

Outside of work I love to

Play sport! I’ve previously played in West Bromwich Albion FC youth set ups when younger and have continued harbouring that passion for football throughout my life. Personally, I find football, racquet sports and training in the gym is the perfect way to achieve an excellent work-life balance.

What will always brings a smile to my face?

A sunny day in London…simply the best city in the world when the clouds part!

Words of wisdom I give my patients

Exercise! We know that prolonged stress can increase our sensitivity to pain and can affect our cardiovascular system. A balance of exercise and relaxation releases hormones that help counter stresses. Just remember that YOU’RE the one in control.