Meet the chiropractor – Matthew Clifton-Hadley


I chose to become a chiropractor because…

My father was a chiropractor so it is something I was brought up with. Having had treatment from an early age I have seen the benefits of chiropractic care throughout my life.

Having also played a lot of sports – particularly rugby – I have seen that chiropractic care is the most effective way of getting back to playing sports pain free and to your optimal level.

What has surprised me most about the profession as a practitioner

Just how much I can enjoy cracking people. I really enjoy my job, I am passionate about it and am lucky enough to love what I do.

Also how incredibly effective chiropractic treatment is – it is a rare profession that can offer so much satisfaction on a day to day basis, helping people with acute or chronic pain conditions.

The unexpected hurdles I have had to face

My first hurdle was having to give up rugby. Broken fingers and chiropractic don’t mix very well together!

The second hurdle was trying to convince my wife that I can’t lose weight because I need it to adjust people. I’m still not sure I have convinced her!

The unexpected benefits I have enjoyed

Stories from patients, I feel this is one of the best bits of my job. The variety of people I meet and the stories that follow keep me entertained constantly. Some of the stories will stay with me forever.

I always feel incredible when someone refers a family member or friend to me. It really does mean a lot. A patient trusting me to treat one of their loved ones really is the ultimate compliment.

My most momentous moment

Saving someones life – ask me about it.

My glimpse of wisdom about the body

If it hurts, get it fixed.

The sooner treatment is started on any area the easier it is to fix. This means far less work for me (which I love) and less visits to the clinic for you (which you will love).

Also get up and move, our bodies are not meant to be folded up in a position for 8 hours a day. Movement is the key to keeping joints healthy.

Outside of work I enjoy

I love all sports. I love playing golf. However, I have two little people in my life whose one ambition seems to be to see my handicap go skywards. Freddie and Florence are their names and absolute chaos is their game. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I was brought up in Herefordshire so going back and getting my countryside fix is something I love. Getting my wellies out, putting my flat cap on and sporting a heck of a lot of tweed is something I think we should all do regularly.

What will always bring a smile to my face

Having a patient crawl into the clinic bent over double in pain and having them walk back out pain free. It makes me feel a bit like a superhero/magician/god, and who doesn’t want to be one of those.

My kids make me smile constantly – except for when they are using my head as a trampoline at 5 o’clock in the morning.  My wife inspires and motivates me on a daily basis to become a better me.

Also, a great gin and tonic, a Chelsea win, a 300 yard drive, a visit to the stoop, a chicken madras, slow cooked BBQ food, good coffee, fast cars, music of all varieties and strangely enough the word spoon. Not necessarily in that order.

What Matthew’s patients have to say

Erin P

I was in agony with sacroiliac joint pain and I could hardly walk. A few sessions with Mathew and I was pain-free and able to walk normally again. I am so glad that I know Mathew is not far away and I think he has miracle hands.

Cheryl W

I was in so much pain, the receptionist was very helpful when she called me back to say she had spoken with Matthew and he made time to see me earlier than arranged. So kind of her, and I hadn’t even asked! Matthew is a miracle worker, that’s all I can say. Pain free in one session! Thank you.

Stephen W

Matthew Clifton-Hadley is a great member of the chiropractic team. On my last visit he examined my back and told me clearly that I had broken a rib and that he was unable to offer any treatment. Just no lifting etc. I have full confidence in him and will return for an MOT type examination after my rib has healed.

Carol A

I have had several treatments with Matthew and can’t praise him enough. After years of ongoing back problems I feel better than I’ve done in years. He even sorted out my knees with simple exercise enabling me to survive the MUD at this years Glastonbury Festival with no ill effects !!!! I have already recommended him to family and friends, several of whom have already been to see him.. Thank You

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