Exercise Videos

At the Waldegrave Clinic we manage your pain and work with you to avoid future recurrences. To help you exercise correctly at home, our series of exercise videos, will help to remind you how to move and stretch in the right way.

Exercise videos for back pain

Exercise videos for neck and shoulder

Exercise videos for hip, leg and ankle

Exercise classes:

Pilates and Yoga classes are held weekly at the Waldegrave Clinic. For chronic pain conditions that require specific exercise please see Pain Clinic.

Why exercise is so important

  1. Your body is meant to move. To not use your body in the right way will result in your muscles becoming weaker, increasing stress on your skeletal structure that over time leads to more wear and tear.
  2. When you have had an injury, to not exercise and expect your body to just carry on will ultimately result in your system starting to fail, which could eventually result in more radical or invasive treatment in the future.
  3. Exercise keeps you looking and feeling younger! As we get older it is easy to blame our age for aches and pains but more research is concluding that it is disuse of the body by not exercising that can exacerbate the ageing process.

For advice about exercising in the right way book an appointment 020 8943 2424