Pilates classes Teddington

Pilates Instructor Jacqueline Ball

Pilates classes are held at the Waldegrave Clinic in Teddington – for a maximum of 6 people.

One-on-one sessions are also held for people with specific back problems.

The classes are held by our Pilates Instructor Jacqueline Ball

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercised based program that helps strengthen the deep abdominal muscles around the spine. Research suggests that by strengthening these muscles it helps to reduce the incidence and severity of low back pain.

Pilates classes at our Teddington clinic are bespoke – tailored to the needs of patients that have joint or muscular problems, or who suffer with back pain.

Pre-class assessment

Pilates classes teddingtonDepending on previous experience, attendees may be asked to do an initial one hour 1:1 assessment session before you join the class, to ensure that you get the most out of each session and are strengthening the correct muscles.

6 pilates classes run per week with up to 6 people in a class.

Weekly Pilates Classes:

Monday 12.30 -13.30
Monday 17.45-18.45

Tuesday 19.15-20.15
Tuesday 20.15- 21.15

Wednesday 7.30am – 8.30am

Thursday 18.30-19.30
Thursday 19.30-20.30

 The cost:

£84 for the 6 week term – payment must be made in full before term commences.

Pre-assessment 1:1 session if required £60

One-on-One Pilates for back pain sufferers

pilates-classes-teddingtonWhen you are recovering from a back problem, it is important that you are strengthening the correct muscles.

At the Waldegrave Clinic we provide bespoke one-on-one Pilates for reformer, mat or both. We also use the Spinal Corrector and Wunda Chair.

Our Pilates instructor will work in collaboration with your chiropractor or physiotherapist to ensure exercises are tailored – so that they are appropriate to you and your particular pain problem.

To enquire about one-on-one Pilates please call reception 020 8943 2424

T&C’s for group classes

  • Minimum 3 people for a course to go ahead.  We will contact 24hrs before hand if the chosen class is not going ahead and give a full refund if we cannot accommodate you in another class.
  • No refunds for missed classes unless you have a medical note.
  • New attendees must have a one to one first – please book at the clinic reception.


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