Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic helps to manage your pain, get to the root cause of the problem and design a plan to help you avoid future recurrences.

The aim is to get your body working to optimum efficiency to cope with your life’s demands.

What happens at the Pain Clinic?

Usually, you will see your chiropractor or physiotherapist first. Once problem areas are addressed through diagnosis and treatment, our aim is to help you become responsible for you own pain management and better condition yourself.

We help you achieve this through effectively combining manual treatments such as chiropractic and  physiotherapy with rehabilitation exercise, complementary therapies, acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

When stress contributes to pain

Increasingly common is for stress to be an underlying cause of pain, or a prevention to healing. When this is the case, we recommend our resident Clinical Psychologist who achieves outstanding results through using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help distinguish and change certain behaviour patterns.

Exercise at the Pain Clinic

When needed, our rehabilitation exercise gym is where one-on-one care with our rehabilitation therapist will fully assess all aspects of your strength, flexibility and fitness for a long term recovery.

Expertly guiding you to retrain your body through an individually designed programme of stretches and exercises will help you avoid the misery and unnecessary expense of avoidable recurrences.

In addition, Pilates and yoga classes are held weekly. Online exercise videos help you to exercise correctly when at home.

Shockwave Therapy

For patients with chronic pain conditions, there is the option of Shockwave Therapy at the Waldegrave Clinic.

Pain management pre and post surgery

The Waldegrave Clinic is a choice point of referral for many orthopaedic surgeons.

If you are expecting to undergo surgery we will advise and design the right exercises for you to do prior to surgery. This ensures rehabilitation after surgery is quicker and more effective.

During the initial aftermath of surgery we will help you manage your pain, before working with you to design a recovery program, building you back towards optimal functioning.

To book an appointment call 020 8943 2424.

Most of our services are covered by major health insurers.

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