Mum & Baby

The Waldegrave Clinic is a family practice that has worked with many local families as patients over the years. Our team of practitioners can help explain to you the changes that happen with your body during pregnancy and how you can best manage these.

When pregnancy is uncomfortable

Pregnancy has a big impact on your body. There are many changes that take place which naturally lead to subtle alterations in the way you hold and move your body.

The curve in your back may increase as your baby grows which can lead to back pain. Increased movement in the joints of the pelvis as your body prepares for labour can lead to pain and discomfort around the pelvic girdle.

Gentle treatment such as chiropractic or physiotherapy may help to improve postural, spinal and pelvic alignment to aid your comfort and relaxation.

Settling an unsettled baby

Crying is a normal for a baby, but when your baby cries excessively and refuses to sleep – what do you do next?

Excessive crying or signs of discomfort when feeding, may be related to the tension, discomfort or pain that a baby feels somewhere in their body.

This may be attributed to uncomfortable positioning in the womb or trauma during the birth process – especially if interventions such as forceps were necessary.

Very gentle chiropractic techniques may help to release tension or discomfort.

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