How to prevent back pain during pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant can be a celebratory yet un-nerving time. You have the arrival of your new baby to look forward to. Yet your body is going to through many different changes.

how-to-prevent-back-pain-during-pregnancySome of these changes will be exciting as you see your bump grow and feel the baby move. Others may cause you to feel uncomfortable due to subtle alterations in the way you hold and move your body.

We meet many women who are on their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, and are experiencing back or pelvic pain. During discussion it often comes to light that these problems were present in earlier pregnancies but at a much reduced level, yet they carried on without seeking help to resolve whatever issues were causing them problems.

You don’t need to ‘put up’ with pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

There are many options of natural holistic care that you can take, and also simple changes that can make a world of difference to your body and how it behaves during your pregnancy.

Your midwife will always be able to advise you.

At our clinic, our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists can explain the intrinsic working of the musculo-skeletal structure in a way to help you to understand the different positions your baby can get into in the womb and how this may affect you and your baby’s comfort levels during pregnancy.

The common complaints that can leave you feeling tired out by unnecessary pain or discomfort may be resolved so you can better enjoy your pregnancy term.

Are you experiencing back pain during your pregnancy? 

Please call 020 8943 2424 and speak with one of our friendly receptionists who will be able to help.





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